Sunday, 12 January 2014

2014 starts

So we have survived Christmas and the New Year. We had a lot of visitors over ( fortunately they all stayed at my mothers 2 streets away, as I worked all except the bank holidays). So not much time for charity work, but it was a family time anyway.
And now I just tidied a big pile of post and other paperwork, and found 2 letters that I should have send off  6 weeks ago for the BDS, not surprising I have not heard back from the companies! I will send them off tomorrow, see what happens then.
The International Dupuytren's Society have had their AGM, ours is overdue but I decided it will have to wait till the bank account is sorted out (the change of address letter is one of the two I forgot to post). I need a secretary!
Not much has happened Dupuytren's wise, no exciting new treatment developments I'm afraid. we did get approached by the NIRH about some research they do, and read the paperwork and answered their questions. This is also about deciding whether Collagenase is a good development or not.
The editorial we are doing has been written, now I am just trying to find some good pictures in the right resolution to illustrate the disease. Slowly we are getting through all the paperwork ( ok, would have gone faster if those letters had been posted on time..)
A happy New Year to all still, and keep in touch via the website contact or Facebook!

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