Monday, 5 October 2015


 The appeal to NICE has been send (twice, the first one was rejected because I also used the email address they send instead of only the website submission- so don't supply an appeals email address if that should not be used!) and apparently if you submit in two different ways it cancels each other out. So I submitted again, only via the website this time.
 Now I started looking at writing a bit about Ledderhose for the book Wolfgang Wach is planning, a completely different challenge, and the two-week deadline he gave is already past but I told him the NICE appeal came first. I need to calculate p-values for this! I really can't remember how to do that, just remember from college 30 years ago that p < 0.05 is significant. So that will be a challenge and a half, or maybe a bit more even. At least I have 2 weeks off work, so I have the time to look into it.
 Louise Banks is doing a really good job for us, she has lots of ideas and knows how to give out press releases and look for funding. She is a valuable member of our charity. Together we have decided to look into a new logo for the BDS, it has been on the agenda for a while but we really want to do something about it now. So if anyone has artistic talents and can draw hand with contracture and foot with nodule in a simple but clear way, let me know or send a picture! I tried to draw someting but it looked more like a cloud in the sky. Or something Freddy Kruger had gotten hold off.

Keep your hands and feet warm with this nasty wet weather folks! Love


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