Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dupuytren's in modern literature

Just for the fun of it I looked into books that mention or suggest Dupuytren's in one of the characters. So far I found these:

-Dreampoint by Steve Atkins (someone looking for a cure found by a tribe in Peru)
-Dupuytren's Contracture by Colin Ball (a patient in a coma after complications to his surgery)
-Catastrophe ( a short play) by Samuel Beckett (mentions the hand of a character being clawlike due to fibrous degeneration- Beckett himself had Dupuytren's as well)
-The Hundred days by Patrick O'Brian (Aubrey Maturin book)(a hand only, preserved in wine and brought aboard ship by Amos Jacobsgiven to Maturin as a hand of luck; it is later eaten by a dog )
-Revenge is Sweet + Dead Wrong by Betta Ferrendelli (Samantha Church novels book 2 and 3, mention a charater with a finger bend into his palm)
I have not read any of them but will be looking in some charity shops for copies. If anyone knows any more please let me know!

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