Thursday, 22 June 2017

Good News at last!!!

Well friends members and anyone interested, do we have news!!
After four years of meetings, discussions, appeals, negotiations, and not giving up, we finally have good news.
NICE has published their decision on collagenase use in the NHS, and we are happy with it! No more appeals.
It is allowed with some provisions, only if PNF is not suitable, if it does not interfere with a trial ongoing by Mr J Dias, and if surgeon and patient agree on the use.
Of course where you live can still be a problem, different CCG's have different rules on how or when to treat Dupuytren's, but at least it is not a rejection, and surgeons now using it can continue using it.
We owe a great debt to all those who fought for our community, the hand surgeons and therapists involved, everyone at Sobi and the solicitors who helped us (pro bono) with the appeal.

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