Friday, 30 March 2018

Trials happening

Exciting times!

The new bank account has been approved, so that is a step forward. Now We just have to get it up and running, and change bank details with all the giving sites and donors. I feel a coffee-binge coming on!

 The Dutch radiotherapy trial for Ledderhose is well under way, there are plans for a Dupuytren's radiotherapy trial in Australia, in Finland is a trial comparing PNF, Xiapex and LF surgery, and the two trials running in our country, RIDD and DISC are recruiting patients all the time. So doctors out there are trying to get more understanding of what treatment to recommend at what stage!

 The official announcement for the Dupuytren Award is expected soon, this year funded by patients and doctors!

Meanwhile if you are going to try any Over The Counter products for you health problems, think of this picture before you spend your money!
Have a good Easter or Passover this weekend, or just have a good weekend!

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