Saturday, 14 December 2013


Well we have gone back to using the address, and after a lot of hassle I now have Adobe Contribute 6.5 on my laptop (thanks to who let us buy it at discounted price). And then I had to set it up! Adobe does not make things easy there. How do you want to connect to the server? (I thought: via the internet, broadband? Should have been ftp). Next: Where is your server located (so not physically located in Gloucestershire, but they wanted the web address again), then: where on the server is your website located/ How would I know? Google manages to find it, why can't Adobe? Some choice words and a lot of phone calls later ( I tried the help function but did not understand what that said, and when I clicked it again a message came up that I was not registered for help), I finally managed to sort it out, and now I can do small updates and corrections myself on the site. For adding pages and things like that we'll still need Paul Adamson's expertise.

We have decided on a new treasurer, Gary does not really have time to monitor the bank account, so I have persuaded (read: pushed) my mother to do it ( she has DC as well). The advantage will be that we need 2 signatures on cheques, and as we live a few streets apart it will safe having to send the cheques from one trustee to the other. Also she is very organised with her own finances, so if she applies that to the BDS finances as well, we'll be fine. It does mean a lot of paperwork for now, but that is unavoidable. And we have a Co-op charity account, and a Co-op in town, so either one of us can go into the bank to discuss things or pay cheques in if necessary.
We have been asked by a Health Technology Assessment Program to review a vignette on Dupuytren's, Judith has kindly agreed to take that on. And we have started work on an editorial that Sobi asked us to write. So a lot of things going on, but at least I feel we are making progress with most if not all, and that is good.

Time now for some coffee, some exercises ( just stopped the regular shoulder exercises as both my shoulder stopped trying to freeze up, no I need to start ankle and calf exercises. I feel I am going through the whole textbook. Adhesions and fibrosing here there and everywhere. At least Dupuytren's is not life threatening, and what are a few exercises compared to chemotherapy, new joints and similar treatments?

If I don't post before Christmas: all the best, have a lovely Christmas and God bless you and your family!    Anna

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