Thursday, 2 August 2018


Verapamil gel, used as topical treatment for superficial fibroses in the USA, can now be obtained in the UK.
The process for getting hold of Verapamil Gel in the UK: 
It can be prescribed for Dupuytren's, Ledderhose and Peyronie's. The main use in the US is for Ledderhose, some patients get pain relief and shrinking of the nodules but it does not work for all.  Surgery or radiation therapy may still be needed.

You need a prescription from a GP, Podiatrist or other Medical Specialist in one of the conditions (hand surgeon, orthopedic or plastic surgeon, urologist or Urology Surgeon, Foot and Ankle surgeon..) The prescribing doctor can get all information needed from WEPClinical. The doctor also needs to fill in a form explaining your medical condition that the Verapamil is being prescribed for (a template of the form can be obtained from WEPClinical who are instrumental in making this possible. or 0208 0048186 , attention of Yasmin Khera, outreach manager)
The paperwork then gets send off to America where a doctor checks it all and writes a US prescription for PD Labs to be allowed to prescribe and mail the product.
Three months supply will be the maximum order for each shipment.

The cost will be:
-£155 per tube, three tubes comes to £465
- Shipping cost £40
-VAT around £35

Total expected cost £540 for three months treatment.
As far as we know if this doesn't work (some patients need 6 months treatment to notice the effect, some use it in total for up to a year) radiation and surgery are still possible.

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