Saturday, 23 November 2013


Two days ago I met up with Mark Bell, a representative of Sobi who will be marketing Xiapex in Europe and Asia. He seemed nice, keen and had good knowledge of Dupuytren's and the other conditions Xiapex is being trialled or considered for. I am happy to say we have a Peyronie's patient on our side now, as Mark asked if we support patients with PD and for some reason I feel better letting men discuss that amongst themselves.

Sobi is a smaller company than Pfizer but no less committed, and the have some good ideas. They will keep us informed of trial results and published articles and can help finding surgeons who use Collagenase injections if a patient send us a query where to fine one.
Then yesterday was the next meeting with Nice, to discuss the finalised scope for Xiapex and the forthcoming multi-technology appraisal, what they want from us in the way of information and help, how they are going about searching for articles and calculating the improved QALY of patients, that kind of thing. I was impressed with the way everyone at Nice now understood the disease, and the meeting was fruitful.
We also send a letter to Bapras last week asking them to review and update the information on their website about Dupuytren's. At the moment it states 'Surgery is the only treatment available for Dupuytren’s Contracture' and we would like that adjusting to mention the  different treatments that are available. We shall see what happens.
It's been a busy week, but it was constructive. Anna

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