Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What have I done this week?

In response to the post made by Anna I can say that my wife and I are fine I just didn't have the time for the hang out this evening :-) (This was pre written and ready to post this evening after the afore mentioned missed hand out).

Well this week has again been quite busy. We have been working on preparing some videos that help to explain some of the basics about the charity and what exactly Dupuytren's and Ledderhose are. This will help give us another stream through which people can access the charity and it is also a great way to interact with people as reading a lot of text can get a bit boring (honestly what is to come in this post is really exciting so read on....)We are also setting me up an e-mail account so that I can set up the YouTube account to upload the videos to, I am sure links will be posted from here, or they can even be posted on here as well!

We have also been following through with some of the things that we mentioned last week and I am looking into getting reduced price software for the charity that should allow us to do things in an optimised manner. The more professional that we can make things the more chance we have of raising the money that we need in order to make the changes that can make a difference to patients.

Ledderhose Logo 
One of the ways that we might be able to raise money is through give as you click schemes, basically we try to get as many people as we can to pick the charity as their 'chosen one' and before they shop they visit this site and click the link to the shop they are going to use and the BDS will get about 1% of the sale price at no cost to us and at no cost to the buyer. So, once we have done that it would be great if you could sign up for it, we will keep you posted and even if you just manage to raise a pound a month through using it, if 100 people do that we could be on for £1000 a year, not likely but would be fantastic given the size of the charity.

There are also certain places that will give you free charity business cards if you in turn support them back, just simply by telling the trust and saying that they are proving them, so this is an area we are looking into as a possibility for not only business cards but also things like leaflets.

Dual Logo 
What else, oh yes, you can also now visit the shop and find our lovely new logos, this was an idea mentioned by Anna. Seeing as I am a Ledderhose patient and tend to focus a little bit on this (I am sure over the coming years I will become just as knowledgeable on Dupuytren's) that we should have a logo with a Ledderhose foot and I also made a dual one, see them above and check out the shop for all sorts of things with these designs on them...

 We could also have some help in coming up with ideas for several different things so please comment if you have ideas on what I / we can do to access a different market of fund raisers for fund raising activities as this would be great. We have a couple of ideas in the pipeline which we will keep you aware of once they become reality.

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