Saturday, 10 November 2012

What has happened in the last couple of days?

Right well in the last couple of days I got my Dupuytren's e-mail so you can all contact me through that, it is (replacing at with @) Gary(at) and this means that I am now able to try and set a few more things up. So keep an eye out in the coming week for the YouTube account a few videos, will be sure to announce it here and on Facebook once we have our first video go live.  

How are things going though? Well in under a week this blog has already had over 100 pages views which is great, thanks everyone, and although the shop may not have sold anything in its first few days it is now there should anyone want to get anything.

I also now have access to update our website so hopefully we will soon have the shop and blog available through the website although I think I will need to try and remember some HTML before I do anything too tricky however Henry has offered some assistance. It should also be possible to put the twitter feed, as shown at the side of this page, onto the website which means the new blog posts will appear straight on there along with any other news we announce through twitter.

We have also had an offer for some free business cards, can't remember what I have said before but I think that is is likely we are going to go ahead with and will keep you updated. It will be nice to have something for me (I have not had business cards before) to give out should anyone ask me about it, which I think has already happened a couple of times in the last week.

Hopefully tomorrow Anna and I will be having a meeting and we can get on with signing up for a few things and discussing some of the more ambitious long term ideas that I have, which if you and we are lucky you will hear about in the next year or two or five. 

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