Sunday, 11 November 2012

Just spend a constructive hour talking to Gary.

Just spend a constructive hour talking to Gary. We discussed a lot of things, from contacting Pfizer to setting up an You Tube account for the BDS, ordering leaflets or business cards, setting up proper membership, the shop Gary set up.. and what we would do if the BDS had a very large bank account.

As a lottery win is not very likely we shall start small, one thing at the time,

I am sitting by the computer because New Zealand is beating Schotland at rugby, and it's a shame to watch. The Schots are trying but really they don't have much chance. Still, the result is not final till the game is over.
Imagine one of these sportsmen getting Dupuytren's  ( or Ledderhose, frozen shoulder..), that would be the end of their career. I cringe when I see how they get battered. But many jobs become a lot more difficult if your hands/ feet/ other joints don't move as they were supposed to.

Time to find a permanent cure, come on researchers!!


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