Sunday, 11 November 2012

A good hangout

Today Anna and I had a good hang out which lasted an hour, shows that there is a lot to discuss for the BDS and that means that there is lots to do but that does mean time and with everyone working and in my case going on holiday in a week and having a wife who is expecting time is only available in limited quantities so we have to make sure we use it in the right way and on the right things. So in the coming week you will hopefully see another poll appear on the right on this page (please do both it is great to have some feedback) on some fairly big ideas that we would like to implement in about a years time should there be sufficient supports. 

We also discussed: 
  • YouTube sign up and videos (seems to be dragging on but should be done in the next couple of days) 
  • How to best use social media for optimal impact and awareness 
  • Plans for BDS membership and benefits. 
  • Improvements and additions to the website. 
  • Trying to improve the ways that we communicate with the elderly demographic. 
  • Business (charity) cards and their design
  • Sites to sign up for free as a charity
That should be plenty to be getting on with for now.

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