Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Charity Commission, Sabazios and summer?

Long time since the last blog! I have not done much, thanks to Frozen Shoulder nr 4 rearing it's ugly head. The NHS is not much help (well what did I expect?), so now I will take one day at the time.
We applied for charity registration with the Charity Commission, have not heard back yet. We applied for a grant to help make the charity better known (Thank you Mr Henk Giele for writing the application).
The website keeps changing little bits, additions here and there (such as a bit about the Sabazios cult in ancient Rome) But big rewrites may have to wait till my shoulder tolerates a few days laptop work again!
A study on using Xiapex for nodules seems promising, in the right dose the nodules softened up.
And don't forget the RIDD trial, still looking for participants. https://ridd.octru.ox.ac.uk/
 Gary and his wife Katie are still doing runs to raise money, though some health problems have forced them to slow down a bit. Health is more important than anything!
More soon I hope, for now I wish everyone good health and a return of summer!

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