Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Radiotherapy for Dupuytren's experience wanted, and video interviews for general awareness

Even though NICE has not decided on Xiapex use yet, they have now decided to review the guidance for radiotherapy in early Dupuytren's. So far it was limited guidance with any NHS treatment needing to be done in a centre where the results were special arrangements for clinical government, consent, and audit or research are in place. This has limited the number of centra willing to perform the treatment.
NICE now decided on a consultation where they want patient to fill in a questionaire, to help them decide if the procedure is safe and effective enough and if special consent is needed.
So we are looking for any patients who have had radiotherapy treatment and are willing to help, to start by filling in a questionaire, maybe at some stage one or two will be asked to come to London or Manchester for the appraisal if NICE wants to ask more questions (that is what happened with the Xiapex appraisal, but you can just say no if you can't come).
So please, anyone who had radiotherapy and wants to help try and make it available for more patients, contact me on , or via our Facebook page or group.
We are also still looking for people to do a video interview with SayCommunications on how Dupuytren's has affected their life, everyday tasks, work and / or hobbies, for an awareness campaign.
This will be to explain to doctors and the rest of the community that even if Dupuytren's is not dangerous it does need  treatment before a patients hands get really bad.
And of course we are still working on a campaign for Peyronie's, Dupuytren's little brother disease that nobody likes to talk about. But we will change that!
So if you want to help us with any of these causes, use my email, go via the website on the contact us page, go to our Facebook page.. get in touch!!

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