Sunday, 4 August 2013

new laptop

At the last post I mentioned I had just come a big step further with the website. Good thing really, as 4 days later my laptop had a 'catastrophic failure' and both the RAM memory and the Video card gave up. Apparently that is really bad, and I needed to get a new laptop. After buying a new television 2 weeks before that because the TV decided not to show a picture anymore ( does a television have a video card?) I really did not need the laptop to go as well, but that's life. So now I have a new laptop, with Windows 8 on it! Don't like it, why do they have to keep changing operating systems that much, and not give a booklet with an easy introduction with the new laptop or computer?
Anyway, I found out how to get a normal desktop, how to get Internet Explorer back after 'Browser choice' deleted the shortcut, and even how to power the laptop down and switch off after use.
And all his while fighting shingles! If your Dupuytren's is quiet something else shows up.
So today I will do a bit more on the science page, I have been trying to find a publication that shows how collagen is formed, but so far no luck. I may have to find a book on it, probably at work or in a library.
I have seen some interesting publications: a Canadian study reports that fasciectomy is not cost effective compared to collagenase or needle release, and a Dutch report states that the prevalence of Dupuytren's there is 22.1%. That seems very high to me, but who knows?
I'll keep you all up to date with anything interesting I find.

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