Sunday, 21 July 2013

Language is a difficult thing. I spend some time working on the website again yesterday, and the designer and I speak a very different language, even if it's both based on English. Web language and medical language don't have much in common. But  think we started to find a compromise, and have worked out how to refer to each webpage if I want him to change anything.  I don't say 'the page on Dupuytren's surgery' but just send him the internet link, that way we should both be talking about the same thing.

A big thank you to John who allowed me to use some of his post-surgery pictures on our site. It is always better to know what kind of wound or scar to expect, so it's not too big a shock when the bandage comes off.

Auxilium seems to have found a new European partner, a Swedish firm this time.  I had never heard about them, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB or Sobi for short, but being Swedish they may be familiar with the condition? We'll wait and see what changes they make to the advertising and marketing of Xiapex.

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