Sunday, 30 June 2013

Well we have finally finished our reply to the BSSH about radiotherapy,  that letter will be on it's way early next week. It has been a job and a half finding the right articles, but at last we managed.

And just as you think the website is complete for now- I noticed the bit on Garrod's pads and dorsal nodules was missing! So I have re-written that, and emailed it to our webmaster, I hope he'll be able to add it in soon.

What next? For a while I have been thinking about wriiting a more in-depth piece on the way fibroma's form, but that would be a big job, and as the scientists constantly change their minds and find new things, would need to be kept up to date at least monthly. So I'm not sure yet, but it may come.

My shoulders ( both sides now) are still playing up, I feel like I should be an expert on frozen shoulders but if someone asks how do you know if you've got a frozen shoulder I don't have an answer, as my two have developed so differently. Really the main thing was pain, stiffening up, and with both I noticed I started saying 'Ow' when stretching the arm forward or sideways to grab something. Not very specific is it?  That's Dupuytren's, no two cases are the same.

I reads omething this week that Boris Karloff may have had Dupuytren's, and Bill Owen as well? Could not find any conformation, so if anyone had compelling pictured of their hands I'd love to see them.

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