Sunday, 23 June 2013

I just had a week holiday sight seeing in Edinburgh. Beautiful city, very tiring walking as the street go up and down constantly. But it makes for lovely panoramic views. And hardly any rain, that was a bonus! We spend the last day of the week at the Royal Highland Show, loved it. Seeing the animals, all different breeds, all healthy and well. Agriculture is so important for the country.

My mother asked me if the eye-roller with caffeine that I have been using since January to try and slow down the nodules in my fingers is making a difference. ( I can't say really, don't know how fast they would have grown without it. But just the idea that I am not waiting to go worse but doing something is a positive thing, so I'll keep using the roller.  And drinking tea and coffee. And now and then a glass of red wine for the anti-oxidants, or having a curry for the turmeric in it, (   see Saturday Sept 24, 2011 entry). Don't like green tea, or ginseng in food, so I'll skip those two.  On the whole it makes for a varied diet, especially if  I add some fish for the fish oil as well.. Try what I can to subdue this condition.

Time for another cup of black tea now, before Judith and I are going to talk via Google hangouts to discuss a few articles on the natural progression of Dupuytren's, as we need a bit more ammunition for our reply to the BSSH about radiotherapy. At least we are making good progress there, and Wolfgang of the International Dupuytren's Society and Mr R Shaffer ( have promised to help finding articles or even editing the letter ( Wolfgang, he is far better with computer things than I am, I did not manage to get our logo where I wanted it in the letter, he did)


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