Sunday, 2 December 2012

Typing with and without the gloves

So as part of my Dupuytren's Day, or Day with Dupuytren's I wanted to do a typing test and see how I can type with and without the gloves so below you can find my attempts at this task and the video, I have recorded more and after I have edited the videos and put them all together I will post it, so far I am finding the experience in most tasks more awkward than severely problematic but feel that if this was permanent I would struggle. I feel things may differ here: (I am not correcting either set of text other then the automatic response that I have when typing to backspace and correct). 

You can find the video here or it will be added to this post once YouTube search finds the post. (Sorry about the Pringles pot in the background I am not trying to promote them in anyway) 

Typing without the gloves: 

 This is just a test of me typing without the gloves to see as a comparison how well I can type and see what difference wearing the gloves makes, this is my normal typing and hopefully as you can see I am not making too many mistakes that I cannot correct straight away, this should be reflected in the text which I have not corrected other than the automatic corrections. 

With popper on: 

This ids iis me trying top typw with the ngloves on asndf kit is not going very well. 


That was fairly conclusive I think, typing there was such a struggle, I do type a lot and I think because it is something that I find quite natural to do I struggled when it became unnatural. 

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