Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas market break

We have not been able to do a hangout today because I was at the Christmas market in Manchester. Strange being there early in the morning, it was very quiet, took less than an hour to walk over the whole market. We did not drink any mulled wine as it was too early for that, so the atmosphere wasn't quite there, but I did get what I wanted - Dutch cheese, Dutch liquorice, 'pepernoten', a traditional Dutch treat for 5th December and some smoked eel ( I hope I still like it, my grandmother used to buy me that when I was a child).

So any thought of loosing weight will have to be abandoned, but as Dupuytren's is not generally said to be caused by obesity that's OK.

Not much is happening on the Dupuytren's front, we know Pfizer is loosing the right to market Xiapex next year and Auxilium will take over, but what they are planning to do no-one knows. We had good contact with Pfizer, I hope it will be the same with Auxilium.

Now it's time for some internet surfing to see if anyone produced any interesting articles this week. If I find any I'll post the link on Facebook!!/britdupsoc 

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