Monday, 16 January 2017

Getting ready

We are getting ready for the BSSH days! I have bought a conference table cloth and a table runner (and after that found out you can get special conference table cloths printed), I have designed and bought 200 new leaflets, (and a big thank you to Iain Reid who made the logo look better!). We have two volunteers, Ian Ireland for the Friday and Stephen Jones for the Saturday - I can't wait to meet them!
The trustee page on our website now has pictures of all trustees, and tells you who helps in what department.
I am getting somewhere designing an 'aftercare and physical therapy after surgery' leaflet - ok, the name will need shortening a bit. I need to take some hand pictures to show the exercises, but where you need two hands for the exercises I can't take a picture as well, so I will find some help for that.
The weather is atrocious, but fortunately that is not our responsibility. It just means more aches and pains for a lot of people, and especially for those with Ledderhose who may have trouble walking anyway- please be careful!

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