Sunday, 16 December 2012

Going through the website

This weekend I have so far spend around 9 hours going through the BDS website, finding spelling and grammar mistakes ( even though we checked and proof-read many times before publishing anything) and trying to find some clipart or medical pictures to liven the pages of text up a bit.  I have made three concept front page dropdown menus, can't fit everything under 6 headings and we don't have room for more! I hope at some stage all trustees will agree on the new outlay.
This website re-organisation is going to last a while I am afraid, I just hope it will be worth it in the end.
I also ordered a sweatshirt, coffee mug and a few bumper stickers from CafePress. I need a new sweatshirt, a new mug for at work ( mugs have the nasty habit of breaking when someone drops them)  and the bumperstickers will go on the cars of unsuspecting friends or family.

Now even though it's Sunday I am planning a pizza, as I can't be bothered cooking after housework all morning and computer stuff all afternoon. And back to work tomorrow! Keeps me out of mischief I suppose, though sometimes I think I would not mind trying some mischief..

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