Saturday, 29 December 2018

Webinar and New Year

Well the webinar has gone well, and we are already thinking of doing more of them!
If you want to watch the webinar it can be accessed online.
We also managed to have our AGM, it is not an easy feat to get enough trustees online at the same time, as inevitably there will be someone held up in clinic or theatre, another out of the country for conferences and lectures. But we managed.
For next year we will continue to support patients as best we can. We are hoping to do another webinar (or two??) and maybe some question and answer sessions on our closed Facebook group.
The next Dupuytren Conference, planned for 2020, has been confirmed and will take place in Oxford. This will be a meeting of the top doctors and researchers, and we are very excited about it.
As always any help fundraising, organising things or web design and maintenance will be greatly appreciated, just get in touch if you can spare an hour here and there!
Meanwhile I hope you all had a good Christmas and wishing everyone a happy New Year, with good health!

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