Friday, 1 February 2019

Liverpool research meeting

A week ago I was a guest at Liverpool University, attending a patient meeting organised by Dr Elizabeth Laird and Dr Emma Beamish of the Dupuytrens Research Group. They had invited several patients to attend, two via Skype link and the others in person.

We heard about the research they have started, hoping to get more clarification in the role of several proteins on developing Dupuytren's tissue. For this they need fresh samples of removed Dupuytren tissue, so they have asked nearby hospitals for help.

If any of you is approached to ask to donate their tissue to science  rather than to the incinerator, this is your chance to help future generations! Helping researchers helps us all.

It was a good meeting, lovely to meet the other patients and very impressive to see the lab where the work is taking place. Fingers crossed for a result that could maybe result in a treatment.

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