Friday, 2 November 2018

upcoming webinar news

Some information about the planned webinar on Monday 19th November 20:00-21:00 (for UK and ROI members only). If you want to participate and have not given me your email address yet, please do so ASAP!)

20:00- 20:005 Dupuytren’s – what is it and who gets it TBA - ? AC

20:05-20:15 Questions and panel discussion

20:15- 20:20 Dupuytren’s surgical treatment options Jeremy Rodrigues

20:20-20:30 Questions and panel discussion

20:30- 20:35 Dupuytren’s the role of radiotherapy Richard Shaffer

20:35-20:45 Questions and panel discussion

20:45- 20:50 Dupuytren’s - current thinking on its treatment and research in the UK Tim Davis

20:50-21:00 Questions and panel discussion

21:00 End

During the hour Matt Gardiner will control the webinar and we hope all of you will join in the discussions and put your point of view and queries forward. The Audience will be able to submit questions by typing them in and we hope to have some audience voting to keep everything interactive. It will be recorded.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Prof Davis Webinar

Dear People

A few months ago Prof T Davis honorary professor in Queens Medical Centre,Nottingham University approached the BDS, asking if we were interested in a presentation on Dupuytren's disease in general and the research he is doing.

We are now a big step further, and the decision has been made to do the presentation in webinar form (internet based seminar), on Monday 19th November 8-9pm.

For now this is meant for UK and ROI members only, as the health system in other countries is very different from ours.

This will be using a program called Zoom, if you don't have it on the computer or tablet the viewing part is free and installs more or less automatic if you click on the link to the webinar, which we will send to interested members in due time. I have used Zoom for webinars many times and not had any malware or spam with the program, so I can personally recommend it.

The plan is to have about 30 minutes presentation first, then 30 minutes where people can ask questions about the disease or the presentation, and we will have some panel members ready to answer them. We hope the webinar will be recorded so it can be accessed later as well.

Now we need to know:

-Who wants to join- if you do we need your email address to send the link to the webinar.

-What would you like to have discussed, any particular topics? (for instance different treatments, why do doctors wait till there is 30-40 degrees contracture, how big is the chance of getting it in more fingers- anything you want clarification on)

Please let us know if you are interested and what topics you would like. The more people mention a certain topic the better the chance it can be covered.

replies to:

Thursday, 2 August 2018


Verapamil gel, used as topical treatment for superficial fibroses in the USA, can now be obtained in the UK.
The process for getting hold of Verapamil Gel in the UK: 
It can be prescribed for Dupuytren's, Ledderhose and Peyronie's. The main use in the US is for Ledderhose, some patients get pain relief and shrinking of the nodules but it does not work for all.  Surgery or radiation therapy may still be needed.

You need a prescription from a GP, Podiatrist or other Medical Specialist in one of the conditions (hand surgeon, orthopedic or plastic surgeon, urologist or Urology Surgeon, Foot and Ankle surgeon..) The prescribing doctor can get all information needed from WEPClinical. The doctor also needs to fill in a form explaining your medical condition that the Verapamil is being prescribed for (a template of the form can be obtained from WEPClinical who are instrumental in making this possible. or 0208 0048186 , attention of Yasmin Khera, outreach manager)
The paperwork then gets send off to America where a doctor checks it all and writes a US prescription for PD Labs to be allowed to prescribe and mail the product.
Three months supply will be the maximum order for each shipment.

The cost will be:
-£155 per tube, three tubes comes to £465
- Shipping cost £40
-VAT around £35

Total expected cost £540 for three months treatment.
As far as we know if this doesn't work (some patients need 6 months treatment to notice the effect, some use it in total for up to a year) radiation and surgery are still possible.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

good news for Ledderhose patients in Glasgow

Some good news!

In the Beatson Centre in Glasgow patients from West Scotland can receive radiation treatment for Ledderhose. Patients from other parts of Scotland can ask their clinicians to apply but are not guaranteed to be accepted. Clinicians are to contact Mr Schipani for more information.

The first patient is actually being treated this week, I hope the response to treatment is good and the clinicians are happy about this new treatment modality.

On a sad note the NHS is considering restricting certain operations even more, and Dupuytren's surgery is one of the procedures named as 'ineffective' and doing more harm than good. The Hand Surgeons (BSSH) have already made a statement and I have offered the Charities help if there is anything we can do in a consultation to show surgery is effective.

Friday, 4 May 2018

New survey

We have a new survey! Please take a few minutes to tell us your UK experience of getting diagnosed and getting treatment. It will help us raise awareness!


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Patietns needed

To all UK Dupeys! A professor in Nottingham is looking for Dup patients to form a patient advisory group, to help him design research that is important for patients. Anyone in the (larger) area of Nottingham who is willing and able to help with that? A great opportunity to move treatment and disease understanding forward!
email me on, respond on Facebook  or on Twitter please! @Dupuytrens

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Website news and Dupuytren Award 2018 news

Our website has been updated! Please let me know what you think, I think it looks more professional (shame I can't take the credit) and will be easier to navigate. If you find any problems, let us know.

On another note: the Dupuytren Award sponsored by the BDS and the American DDSG Facebook group has been awarded, and the certificate will be given to the recipient at the BSSH meeting in Cardiff later this year.

Massive congratulations and a big THANK YOU for researching our pesky problems go to Dr Michael Ng!!