Friday, 2 November 2018

upcoming webinar news

Some information about the planned webinar on Monday 19th November 20:00-21:00 (for UK and ROI members only). If you want to participate and have not given me your email address yet, please do so ASAP!)

20:00- 20:005 Dupuytren’s – what is it and who gets it TBA - ? AC

20:05-20:15 Questions and panel discussion

20:15- 20:20 Dupuytren’s surgical treatment options Jeremy Rodrigues

20:20-20:30 Questions and panel discussion

20:30- 20:35 Dupuytren’s the role of radiotherapy Richard Shaffer

20:35-20:45 Questions and panel discussion

20:45- 20:50 Dupuytren’s - current thinking on its treatment and research in the UK Tim Davis

20:50-21:00 Questions and panel discussion

21:00 End

During the hour Matt Gardiner will control the webinar and we hope all of you will join in the discussions and put your point of view and queries forward. The Audience will be able to submit questions by typing them in and we hope to have some audience voting to keep everything interactive. It will be recorded.

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