Monday, 22 October 2018

Prof Davis Webinar

Dear People

A few months ago Prof T Davis honorary professor in Queens Medical Centre,Nottingham University approached the BDS, asking if we were interested in a presentation on Dupuytren's disease in general and the research he is doing.

We are now a big step further, and the decision has been made to do the presentation in webinar form (internet based seminar), on Monday 19th November 8-9pm.

For now this is meant for UK and ROI members only, as the health system in other countries is very different from ours.

This will be using a program called Zoom, if you don't have it on the computer or tablet the viewing part is free and installs more or less automatic if you click on the link to the webinar, which we will send to interested members in due time. I have used Zoom for webinars many times and not had any malware or spam with the program, so I can personally recommend it.

The plan is to have about 30 minutes presentation first, then 30 minutes where people can ask questions about the disease or the presentation, and we will have some panel members ready to answer them. We hope the webinar will be recorded so it can be accessed later as well.

Now we need to know:

-Who wants to join- if you do we need your email address to send the link to the webinar.

-What would you like to have discussed, any particular topics? (for instance different treatments, why do doctors wait till there is 30-40 degrees contracture, how big is the chance of getting it in more fingers- anything you want clarification on)

Please let us know if you are interested and what topics you would like. The more people mention a certain topic the better the chance it can be covered.

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  1. I had two fingers amputated last year after a failed Dupuytren's contracture operation the middle finger is affected but not yet fully bent possibly 2 years could be touching the palm.also have the nodule under the little finger on the left hand and my partner who has ms also has Dupuytren's in her hand with the nodule