Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A new study on treatment results has been done

Things are happening in the world of Dupuytren's.
On 24th Nov we are attending the next NICE meeting, like a never ending story through the years! This one is post-appeal, to hear wat the Decision Support Unit has come up with, and yet again plead the patients case that surgery is not the be all and end all for every single patient, though it helps a lot of us (me included).

I have been in communication with Mr Jeremy Rodrigues, a doctor who has done an extensive study  assessing the results of Dupuytren's treatment, what influences it and how can we best  measure it. He has written a thesis on this, sadly it is not in the public domain yet. However the summary of his findings are on our research page!

In Belgium Dr Ilse DeGreef, maybe THE foremost Dupuytren surgeon of their country, has started a Dupuytren Fund to raise money for more research, she would like to banish this condition for good. So would we! More information will follow on our research page in the next few weeks I hope.

I will keep you updated on the NICE proceedings, there is movement in the Radiotherapy appraisal as well. Have a good day for now!

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