Saturday, 29 October 2016

Waiting for NICE and stem cell research in New Zealand

Well the weather has definitely turned cold and miserable, the sky in Wigan is grey, the air wet and cold. So pamper your hands feet and shoulders, they don't like this weather!
At the end of the November NICE will hold the next appraisal meeting on Xiapex (almost a year after the appeal, 6 days short!). I have applied for a place to observe, now waiting for approval to attend. You would think if they send you an invitation, you are already approved?
No news on the radiotherapy front, don't expect anything there till December at least.
In Wellington New Zealand the stem cell research is continuing, and the researchers have answered my email and may write a paragraph for our research page. Can't wait!
We have a link to our website on MyTherapyApp, a useful app that reminds people to take tablets, do their physiotherapy exercises and keep themselves as healthy as possible.
A lot of  hand surgeons have travelled to Buenos Aires for a conference, they are enjoying good lectures and round table discussions, good weather and more important the chance to get to know each other and discuss cases and treatments in an informal setting. These conferences are what makes international cooperation possible. I wish them all a good and informative time!
Gary just walked to the top of Mount Snowden, how is that for a post-radiotherapy for Ledderhose achievement! Well done Gary, we are all proud of you!

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