Monday, 5 December 2016

News and another interesting article

Another good article has been published online, about the results of surgery for Dupuytren's.   The main writer is Mr J N Rodrigues, it is part of his thesis study.

On Wednesday 7th Dec we are hoping to have the next trustee meeting, it will be partly face to face and those who can't come will try to connect via Skype. Our Secretariat Gemma has arranged it all, and it must have been a lot of work! Mr David Ralph has kindly offered the use of his office for it. It will be good to meet some people face to face!

We had the next meeting with NICE about the use of Xiapex, now we are waiting for their next decision. I have told them that in the charities opinion Xiapex is the last hope for some patients, and therefore we do not want a blanket ban, we will be happy with limited guidance. But we just have to wait and see now. The manufacturers were well represented, and NICE had one hand surgeon (one of our trustees, but I am not sure if he represented us or the BSSH) on a conference call. Thank you Mr Henk Giele for taking the time to join the post-appeal meeting!

The decision on radiotherapy is due soon, we will keep you updated for that. For now, have a good day, wrap up warm if you go outside!

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