Sunday, 3 April 2016

Still waiting on NICE

I have been waiting for a decision from NICE about the appeal dated November last year. We are still waiting, first their was 'an issue', now the need more 'internal discussions'. It seems to be a difficult one for them, or maybe thay have a stalemate on the decision? It has been just over 4 months now, not that I am counting!

We have started the Peyronie's campaign, the survey is now closed so we will be able to get on to the next step, extracting the information form the answers soon. Birgir and Gemma are working hard on this.

The website is slowly undergoing some changes, the Peyronie's section is being re-written as that was very meagre, the other sections are being changed bit by bit.  A lot of work, and some things we want to do won't happen because we don't know how ( a WordPress plug-in I wanted to use started the instructions with: move  the widget to the sidebar..- what is a widget, where do I find it, which sidebar, what do you mean? So I will find another solution).

Gary managed to run half a marathon, pretty amazing seeing he was using a walking stick a few years ago! The power of radiotherapy shows.

We have added a Pinterest button to most webpages, so anyone using Pinterest can add our info to their board.

As soon as we hear a decision from NICE I will let everyone know!

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