Monday, 11 April 2016

New advisor for the BDS

While NICE is still deliberating, we have some good news: Mr Stephen Jeffrey LCSP of Ealing Massage Therapy   who has years of experience in massage therapy for Dupuytren's and is happy to share his protocol with therapists the country and indeed the world over has agreed to join our charity in an advisory capacity. Quite a coup!

The Peyronie's survey has finished, we had around 200 responses so that was really good. Thanks to all those who put their embarassment aside and answered the questions. The results will be used for the awareness campaign in a few months. Gemma is working hard on this.

The Dupuytren Foundation is still trying to recruit people worldwide to partake in their research, if you have not done so yet please sign up on  

We have added a pinterest plug-in to our website, so anyone wanting to use Pinterest can do so.

Our first newsletter has gone out, if you don't want to miss the next one please become a member of the charity.  

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