Sunday, 10 August 2014

It would seem our summer is coming to an end. A shame, because most Dupuytren's patients have less pain (yes I know it is a painfree disease!) in the warmer weather.
We are still trying to arrange a training day for web maintenance, it's not easy getting 3 people tpgether who all have different work schedules. We'll see what we can do. Meanwhile I have collected some more pictures for the editorial we were working on 6 months ago, thanks to the patients who were willing to share their hands!
Judith is busy babysitting and working, so she has less time to do charity work at the moment. Gary and Wolfgang have put together a survey to get some statistics on Dupuytren's and Ledderhose for the next conference. If you haven't participated yet: this is the address  
We have also set up a closed group connected to our Faceboook pages, for people who want a bit more privacy when discussing their medical problems. If you want to join just send a request and we will let you in as soon as we notice.
I a still looking into Asklepios' healings, have bought a few books via Amazon and Abe Books and I'm having a good time reading about heads being cut off and put back on again, women asking Asklepios to help them get pregnant (which he seemed to have no problem doing!) and all kinds of wonderful cures that you could not use today anymore. As soon as I have something to report I will do so.
For now I think our plan of writing a 'science page' to explain about MMP's, growth factors and transforming factors, catenins and all that kind of stuff that influences the cells in the fascia seems to have been put on hold, I still have trouble getting my head around all that stuff so can't explain it in simple terms on paper either. Besides Asklepios teaching are far more entertaining ('please may I get pregnant?' Ok fine, do you want anything else? 'No only to get pregnant' - 3 years later- 'Please may the baby be born as well?' I thought you did not want anything except pregnancy! ) Good reading.
I hope you are all keeping well.

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