Sunday, 31 August 2014

Egyptian mummy

So I am still looking into evidence of people having Dupuytren's contracture in the past. The picture of a hand in the Chauvet cave is a possible, the mummy that was found in Egypt with bend fingers looks more unlikel. I founf 2 pictures of the hand in a publication, the MCP joints are straight or even hyperextended, the PIP and DIP joints are flexed. So the finger itself is bend but not the joint that connects it to the hand. In Dupuytren's that joint would flex as well, this mummy more likely had ulnar paralysis, a nerve dysfunction possible caused by trauma to the hand or arm. Shame, but we have to be honest about it.
Asklepios and his contemporaries do look interesting, I found 3 cases where a useless hand was made beter by someone standing on it, just like Sigmundr did in the Iceland saga. And I can't think of any other condition that would be cured by someone forcing the hand straight, traumatic cord rupture would be the only explanation. Must have hurt though!
Our training days are not happening, we still have not been able to set a date as Gary is too busy, and the company that was doing it does want more than one person there as it's no good one person only being able to maintain the website, if I'm on holiday, ill or have computer trouble someone else has to be able to take over. My mother offered to be the 2nd person, but seeing she is 74 tomorrow and already has been 'persuaded' to look after the charities finances, I think that wold be a bit too much. Besides we usually go on holiday together, so it would still mean no updates in that time. So we really need some ore people helping with te charity, one of whom who would be willing to spend a day in London to learn more about website maintenance.
That's all for now!    Anna

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