Friday, 18 July 2014

Appraisal meeting July 2014

The next step in the NICE appraisal is over. We had the meeting on Tuesday, A big thank you to Mr Henk Giele and Mr Chris Bainbridge who took the time to come from their busy practises to attend and answer a lot of questions from the committee. I would have ben in trouble without them. The comittee still did not quite understand Dupuytren's I felt (who does? It does not follow any set pattern, just does what it feels like), and the two clinical experts did a brilliant job explaining that you can never know which patient will respond well to treatment and which won't, that any treatment you give works better if the contracture is not too far advanced, that patients seek medical help when the condition becomes a problem for them, which can be in an early or a late stage depending on their lifestyle.
And now we have to wait for a decision, and that will be a while, as the committee already scheduled another discussion between them in a few months. Unless they have more questions for patients I won't need to attend that one, and I don't think I can say more than I already said and put in my statements and comments. It has been a lot of work, I hope it will have been worth it when the decision comes.
That means now we can start planning for the website training, so someone can explain to me what they mean when asking what 'platform' I use for the website (I thought platforms were for catching the right train!)
The weather does not know what it's doing today, rain and sunshine both in the last half hour. I will stay indoors a bit longer till I decide what to do with my last day off.

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