Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wintertime started

Well, today winter time has started, it is dark and cold, and I bet you are all feeling it in your hands and feet. Keep warm, don't be ashamed to wear mittens if gloves won't work anymore! For me men's gloves medium to large has been a good options for a long time, as womes gloves always have thin fingers, and bendy ones won't fit in them.
Two weeks ago almost we had our first training day in London, Gary, Henry Orton and I were there. The morning was media training, how to answer questions and try to get your message accross, the afternoon was about Wordpress for when we move the website over. A second day is planned but no date yet.
The 14th October was another morning in Manchester for the next NICE appraisal meeting, this was an extra one but fortunately I happened to have that week off work so I could attend. The team wanted extra information before making their decision. I hope they decide in favour of patients being able to have the Collagenase injections on the NHS if they have a suitable contracture.
My computer problem with my virus scanner not allowing me to access the website is fixed, after the latest AVG free version update I can now keep the program running while I manage the site. This means I can spend a bit more time on it, so I have made some updates on the History page and of course the Doctors and Clinics page, websites and doctors addresses seem to change weekly.
We are thinking about a new logo, the present one was borrowed from the International Dupuytren's Society and can apparently in some countries or societies be seen as rude, a hand with one finger bend down. We must all be rude people, as many of us go through life like that! But anyway, I had seen a picture I really liked, enquired about buying it and got an email back saying we could buy the oicture but not the copyright, so we would not be able to use  it for logo or modify it. No use to us, so back to the drawing board for that one. I will keep you informed.
Gary has been busy with his surveys and is setting up a section on his blog for patients life stories, please feel free to check it out. 
Anyone who is good at sketching or drawing feel free to have a go at making a logo, ideally somethng with a hand (with one or two bend fingers and a visible cord) and a foot with a lump. Not much to ask is it?


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