Sunday, 16 March 2014

We are a step further again. We have decided to split the AGM in 2, first one for trustees to discuss finances, structure of the charity, official stuff, hopefully a few weeks later one for friends and possible volunteers, to discuss what we need help with and who can do things for us, who wants to become trustee and promise a few hours a month work for us, or can someone take on a project to do and leave it at that?
Things I hope other people can help with:
   -  organise doctors list into counties ( like the PNA list on the website)
   -  someone to check all links on the website regularly
   -  we need someone to help maintaining the website, who knows how to put new pages on a site (either to do this or to explain in laymans term how to do this using Adobe Contribute)  ( there may be a small financial reward available for this from a sponsor)
  -  we need someone to promote the charity, (possibly look into stickers for windows/bags/etc)
  -  Someone to make a list of people treating Dupuytren’s who would like our leaflets and to make a set of sticky labels for someone to put on envelopes to mail them out.  Also, find a supplier of cardboard leaflet dispensers suitable for the leaflets.
 - set up a database of people contacts
 - organise Mendeley better (needs someone familiar with reading research papers - even if they aren’t Dupuytren’s researchers)

Please have a think about this, let me know if you want to attend the AGM or can help in any way ( contact via facebook or website please, I am not sure if I quite understand how Twitter works so we'll leave that out for now)

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