Saturday, 3 May 2014

Well, the first part of the AGM, with active trustees of the charity, was a wash-out.  For various reasons only 3 people showed up for the e-conference. It made for easy voting, everything was accepted (new treasurer, Judith just trustee, Anna as chair, membership to be set up) but there was no discussion possible really about the charity moving forwards.
So what's next? I have found a website that may be useful for setting up membership, membermojo, messages some organisations that use it via Facebook and they seem quite happy, so I'll have to work out how to set that up. Maybe this weekend. Apart from that we will start thinking about the upcoming Dupuytren's Conference, next year in the Netherlands. What can we contribute, how many of us want to go, how do we finance it. And we will have to find some more people willing to help with whatever needs doing. That is the next big step, try to organise another electronic conference. But after the failure of the last one, I'm not sure what to do different this time.
On a positive note Judith became a grandmother, a month earlier than expected but everything is ok, parents and baby are very well, the baby is extremely cute and Judith has her work cut out helping the new family. Congratulations to all!

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