Sunday, 9 March 2014

We are getting somewhere with the new treasurer (my mother), who's setting up a database and now gets statements from the bank to her address.
This means we can think about organising an AGM, we'll need to consider who to ask to participate, how to do the conferencing ( phone, internet?), do a professional one 1st then one for friends, prospective trustees and members? Lots of things to consider, and we definitely need more active trustees or members, as there are many things I can't do or don't have time for, and at the moment that means it just doesn't get done. But how to ask for help is something to discuss at the AGM I suppose. So that will be the next thing to work on, now the editorial for Sobi is finished and the article for the Paget's Society as well.
I am still struggling with the website, anyone notices a problem please let me know, I shall try to correct it as soon as possible!

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