Saturday, 4 May 2013

Another big step forward for the website .

We finally have the new layout up and running, now we just need to find all the faulty links etcetera in this one, and that means going through the whole site, checking everything.. Gary has promised to make a start, and I am grateful to him.

Apart from that we have been working on sharing documents and annotations, Mendeley is a very useful program but it would seem both my and Judith's virus scanners/ firewalls have problems allowing it access all the time. So more wrinkles to iron out there. But I'm sure now my laptop is working almost normal again ( that's why I have not written a blog for a while, it suddenly kept freezing up halfway start-up, turned out the last virus scanner update had corrupted something, so it needed registry repairs and a new virus program- no more free ones for me for a while!)  we will be able to get on with our list of urgent things to do, and maybe even the less urgent or longterm plans.

Auxilium have as from May taken overmarketing Xiapex, they are the manufacturers but so far Pfizer has marketed it in Europe. So that's a big change, we said our goodbey's to our contact at Pfizer and Judith and I have already met our new contact at Auxilium when we were at the NICE meeting. We'll wait and see how good the contact will be and what they can do for Dupuytren's patients, but they seemed knowledgeable about the condition and related problems like Ledderhose, frozen shoulders, dorsal nodules, Peyronie's etc. And even about cellulite, as there is a trial using Xiapex for that. Maybe once plastic surgeons start using it the cost will come down? Wishful thinking.

Time to go and enjoy some sunshine, it is a bank-holiday weekend and my garden is crying out for some attention.


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