Sunday, 9 June 2013

June already, another month gone

Well I am still ironing out little crinkles in the new website, but so far have had a lot of positive responses. It does look good, there is a search function now, it's easy to navigate.. Definitely worth all the work and the hassle.

I have put together a reply to the BSSH, British hand surgeons are very much against radiotherapy and it would be great if we could change their minds only slightly. Most GP's look on the BSSH guidelines for what to do if a patient presents with Dupuytren's, and if that states to wait till it's bad enough for surgery, can you blame the GP? Well yes, maybe, as they should be aware of the NICE guidelines for radiotherapy of course, but GP's have a busy life and can't know or remember everything about every disease and it's treatment options. So we aim to give a bit of a helping hand, even if the hand may be a bit knobbly!

Gary is busy settling into his new role as father, he seems to be enjoying it and doing a good job.

Meanwhile I keep collecting interesting articles I find online about Dupuytren's, it's genetics, related conditions, anything I can find that doesnot just give an overview of what we already know really. I have over 300 articles now, all neatly organised in Mendeley. That is a very useful program.

So I keep doing little bits, and it seems like not a lot, then suddenly we make a jump forwards, like getting the website ready.

Time for some sunshine now, after working all week I am still white and everyone else is tanned!


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