Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NICE scoping

So last week we got an email from NICE ( National Institue of Clinical Excellence) to ask us to participate in a scoping for Xiapex. We knew it was coming, but not when.
Scoping, for those of us not well up on these term, means NICE is considering wether to consider Xiapex for funding through the NHS in England ( the second considering  is called appraisal, do we allow it or not). As a ( self proclaimed) patient organisation the invited us to take part.
So I had to contact works manager (in my week off) and ask for Monday 25th March the afternoon off, as it is in Manchester so I could get there ( live in Wigan, work in Haydock). Once that was approved I started going through the documents they send, 8 docs so far, they want our comments on the proposed scoping, did they get the condition right, the patient group, the reason why some people want treatment, why would you not want surgery with a 3 months recovery period, do we discriminate against any groups in the population if we allow Xiapex only for people with a palpable cord, why would we think Xiapex has anything positive to offer,  that kind of questions.
So my 1st week off  goes to the BDS, apart from yesterday's spa day ( was lovely, but why do they think you want a spa day so just a salad for lunch is ok? My stomach was waiting for chips!)
Maybe my second week off will include some more me-time? We'll see.

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