Sunday, 13 January 2013

working on the wbesite still...

It is time for an update on what is happening. 
Over the last few weeks I have spend most of my time downloading pages from the BDS website, editing the text and the hyperlinks, only to find out  a few days later that all the hyperlinks edits I made had not been saved, even if I did them in Word 2007. Still don't know why. So I had to do it all again in OpenOffice.
That seems to have worked, and I have now emailed the page to a very nice person who is putting together a new website on his domain for us.
We are not sure yet if we are going to move the tag from 1 site to the other so we can keep the name the same, or if the new site will have a slightly different name. That only needs to be decided once the new site is set up with all links working etcetera.
I have been in contact with Wolfgang Wach from the International Dupuytren's Society, we still need to reply to the BSSH on their stance against radiotherapy. We have not been able to find some of the artciles they quote, even the radiologists we asked have not found them. And it's not easy arguing about the conclusions in a text you have not read. I will give it another try later on.
Healthwise my frozen shoulder is playing up still, I am covered in bruises from the physiotherapy and even my physio does not understand why my shoulder still won't move normal after all the treatment I had. I would not recommend frozen shoulders to anyone!

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  1. Tnanks for all your hard work Anna, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for me at the moment.