Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Waiting for the RAC...

While I am sitting at work waiting for the RAC to come and start my car ( 2nd day in a row) I might as well start a new blog.
The work on the website has not progressed very well, but we have finished the work for NICE and send off all the comments etc we had. So at least something has been achieved.
I have ordered a book from Abe Books, about Dupuytren's disease and related hyperproliferative disorders. A lot cheaper than getting it new, I don't mind if someone else has read a book before me.
That should help in our reply bto the BSSH ( British hand surgeons) as they are still waiting to hear why we think radiotherapy should be considered in some cases of Dupuytren's (and Ledderhose).
The research company that was interviewing Dupuytren's patients have made their quota, and they are no longer searching for people.
Not much else is new that I know of, maybe once my car is fixed and I can get home on time again after work ( instead of waiting 2 hours for the RAC in the evening) I will have some time to check online articles. First I need to concentrate on blocked fuel lines, and organise to borrow a car untill I can get mine to the garage and sorted out. Not easy if you are at work all day, work gets in the way of a lot of activities! But it does pay the bills.
More soon I hope.


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