Sunday, 9 December 2012

changing the website

So we decided a while ago that our website was growing out of control. Henry Orton did a brilliant job on it, but now it was time for a professional to give us some input and see how we could make it easier to navigate without loosing anything, and maybe even add some of Gary's video's to the site.
Therefore yesterday I spend a few hours talking to someone I met, who does this kind of thing regularly. I think we spoke in English, but nothing like what I learned at school! However I have a reasonable idea what he meant and know what I need to do next, go through the whole site, check links and see if they still work and if they take the viewer of our site ( not good, better to let them open in a new link, fortunately he knows how to do that); decide on templates, search function, what needs to go under what heading, how many headings.. You name it, we need to decide on it.
Any input will be appreciated, just use the links on the website or facebook.
We are not doing a hangout today, but one or two of us may participate in the AGM of the International Dupuytren's Society. ( Gary, maybe myself) That will be interesting, they are a much bigger charity with links all over the world.
Time now to wrap a few Cheistmas present and write some cards before I start on the website I think.
Take care everyone, please don't forgetto give me your thoughts on the website and how we can improve it!


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