Thursday, 6 December 2012

Give as you live:

I am happy to follow up the announcement made on Facebook that the British Dupuytren's Society is now on and give as you live. What is even better is that if you sign up for one of these you effectively sign up for both and you don't have to provide many details, just name, DOB and e-mail and then you can start giving to the BDS without having to actually donate. Here is how the sign up and the above work, please so consider doing it, it really doesn't take long and you can help support the charity and help us raise some of the funds we need without being out of pocket. 

So I will start with a quick explanation of the two sites and how they can be used to help us raise money and then go through how to sign up and use them, it really is very simple and literally took me less than 5 minutes and if one person can raise 10p in a day and this is then matched by 50 other people we can raise £5 a day or even that much in a week and raise several hundreds of pounds in a year, sounds worth it to me. So please try and sign up and become one of those 50 people, perhaps ask any friends or family to sign up, it could help others with Dupuytren's or Ledderhose or any of the other related conditions. 

So what do these sites let you do is (some information from the site): 

Sign up as an Everyclick fundraiser so you can:
  • Choose from over 200,000 UK charities to support which includes the British Dupuytren's Society
  • Search the web with Everyclick -  Searching can raise pennies quick, using their search tool the money keeps coming in at about 1p per 10 searches. The toolbar is really easy to install in internet explorer and firefox and just requires a little tweak in chrome, ask me if you need help.  
  • Shop with Give as you Live
  • Create fundraising pages and collect sponsorship online
  • Build fundraising groups at school, college or work
  • Keep track of your giving
Signing up: - You can sign up on Give as you live or on Everyclick, personally I used the following screen URL:

This gave me the following page and then after clicking sign up the page popped up and I entered the details it asked for: 

After I entered my details I got an e-mail and I had my account. I then started using their search bar. To install this go to the everyclick homepage and then click on the add toolbar button, this is located at the very top right (see image below, right in the very top left).
Follow the on screen instructions as this varies for each browser. Then make sure you are look in your search box and ensure that you are using everyclick search, it is easy to tell as the search results page is splattered with every-click and raise money for charity etc etc. 

Give as you live: 

To download Give as You Live you need to sign into your account above and go to give as you live. Follow the on screen instruction again, this should be simple, below I have 2 screenshots showing what came up for me in Chrome, at the end you should be greeted by a message telling you that it has been successful.

Now then how do you use this to raise money.... Well all you do it shop as normal, a list of all of their shops can be found here: When you shop you will then get a bar appear across the top of your window, as I have done below for Amazon. You can then follow this through and essential 1%, or 5% or whatever the company has agreed is claimed back for the charity. I will hopefully be able to follow this purchasing process through in the next few days when I next make an order, but if anyone uses online groceries I noticed that most supermarkets are on there, you also have most of the big on-line retailers and if there is one you feel is missing you can ask them to see if they will add it.

Hopefully this post shows how easy it is and hopefully a few people will sign up, I am now going to send them blog post to my friends and family and try and get them to use it. 

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