Thursday, 13 December 2012

Printing BDS things

I am happy to say that we now have a printing budget of £100 from a company that help charities, their link is now on our homepage and we can get some business cards for the trustees to hand out at various events or just randomly to anyone who shows interest in the conditions we have, hopefully we can make them professional looking and they will help further the charity and the work we are all trying to do.

We can actually spend this money on a whole host of things and will be looking into how best to spend the money, hopefully it is something that we can do on a year by year basis to continue to help us get what we need without having to spend money that has been donated so it can go to better use.

Now the fun has started and we are in the process of trying to design the business cards, do we go minimal like they were before, which I personally feel were too minimal (see above) or do we try and work a bit more onto it. Any thoughts are welcome. Note that we are going to put a generic contact e-mail on there so that we can save even more by printing the same cards for all of us. Admittedly on my first design I went OTT so below are the slightly more toned down ones.

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