Thursday, 22 November 2012

A quiet week.

Gary on holiday, Judith not well.. a quiet week, not much being done where the BDS is concerned.

I checked some emails, kept an eye on our facebook page- did you notice Mr. Chris Bainbridge posted that he has had good results treating advanced cases of Dupuytren's with Xiapex? That is very encouraging news.

I have been looking at our shop on . Would it look very strange if I gave friends and family a bumpersticker for Christmas? And do I care if it seems a strange present? Spreading awareness of Dupuytren's and Ledderhose is worth something too!

After 9 months painful physiotherapy even my physio does not understand why my ( still frozen) shoulder still won't move normally. I am almost ready to give up and just accept a limited range of movements. Painfree movements would be nice though. Maybe try a few more sessions, and keep exercising, swinging weights around to stretch the capsule and ligaments.

I hope to do a hangout with Judith on Sunday, and may have another report then.

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