Sunday, 25 November 2012

A day with Dupuytren's

Now that I am back from holiday I am hoping to make the most of having some Dupuytren's gloves (see below for pictures) which Anna gave to me just before I went away. These gloves basically have some little poppers on them so that it forces you to fold your hand over. At the moment I am planning to wear two gloves for a whole day and see how things go, clearly not a working day as I have to type and I am not sure the boss would appreciate that. (Hoping to do the exact same things the day before to see how long they take and how easy they are by comparison) 

The things that I have planned at the moment are:
  • Type and write a letter. 
  • Try using my stick 
  • Holding a big cuddly toy - I have read that someone said he was frustrated because he could not hold his nephews - I can't see my nephews on both days so this will have to do.
  • Preparing and eating food
  • Going shopping 
  • Peeling potatoes 
  • Doing up buttons on a shirt 
  • Opening bottles

Whilst I was away there was no news from YouTube but we do still have an account so this week I am hoping to get our first video up and crack on with doing some updates to the website to make the blog and shop more obvious, though that is slow process as I am needing to brush up on my HTML skills in order to be able to do that and don't want to crash the entire site. 

I also have a few more sign ups that I am looking into and hopefully I can find the time to that this week but I am already quite busy with work and personal things but fingers crossed we can try and build up some momentum over the next few weeks.  

We are also looking into contacting some new people that are doing research in Dupuytren's which it could be interesting to hear from, research is where any cures could come from so it is important to stay in touch with them.  

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