Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sign ups

So this week we have been busy trying to do lots of background things, as you will have hopefully seen on Facebook there have been a few messages from Dr Chris Bainbridge (if not look now!) and it is interesting to see how things are going for him and what the outcome of the survey will be, fingers crossed he shares.

Pfizer have been in touch and so I have done a few bits and pieces that they wanted from us so they can help us. I have also contacted the business card guy and waiting to hear back.

We have completed the sign up on YouTube and we are just awaiting to hear back that everything was ok, can't see why it wouldn't be and hope it doesn't take too long, like the Google Grants that was applied for before I started.

In other news I have started the process of becoming a badminton coach which I am only announcing here as when I hopefully become fully qualified I hope to do coaching days to raise money for the BDS. This is also a sign of how far my Ledderhose has come as before radiotherapy finished 4 months ago I could barely walk....

I also have a new Dupuytren's glove(s) from Anna so I am going to have a try with them and see what it is like, after all I do not have this condition and it will be interesting to see how hard it is to do things with them. I will report back on how I cope, FYI I will not be taking them to work as typing is the main this I do I don't think the boss would be too happy, maybe I can arrange to do it a way to raise awareness. I am now away on holiday so hopefully there will be some updates from YouTube etc when I get back.

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